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Its time to put an end to emotional reactions during conflict and difficult discussions that cause confusion and uncertainty and leaves you reeling in DOUBT, ANGER & FRUSTRATION.

How many sleepless nights have you had stewing about a recent conflict or worrying about a difficult discussion you know you need to have?

There are three problems you create during these sleepless nights:

  1. You are programming your negative radar system to learn to instantly react to conflict
  2. You are loading your body with an imbalance of the chemical hormone those emotions create
  3. Your physical exhaustion leaves you ill-equipped to manage your own triggers and reactions

In order to manage yourself and others effectively during conflict you need a program that is simple to follow, easy to integrate, monitors your progress and provides feedback to help you develop your dispute resolution skills. All in the privacy of your home or office and when it is convenient for you.

That’s what the Conflict to Harmony Revolution Coaching Program is all about.


Isn’t it time to Be-Better & Do-Better at managing yourself and other people when discussions start to derail?

If you are reading this and you feel a surge of excitement and you want to yell out a resounding “YES!” then you are in the right place because Being-Better and Doing-Better is right at your fingertips.

Live learning can be very rewarding and lots of fun however… it’s not enough.

Did you realize that the average person will have forgotten 70% of what they learned in a live training session within 48 hours?

Based on the original research done by Edgar Dale and additional studies performed by the National Training Laboratory Institute on Learning and many other university research projects on Learning Retention Rate, the following chart depicts their findings:

The Conflict to Harmony Revolution Coaching Program is designed to give you the fastest most efficient method to develop your dispute resolution skills. This is accomplished by:

Audio/visual video in each module
Coaching questions to help you reflect on the learning
“Homework” to integrate your skills into your daily life
Private Facebook Group for ongoing coaching & support
Member only access to special webinars throughout the year

Your success is important to me because you will be part of the Harmony Revolution to change not only yours’ but other people’s lives one conversation at a time which is the reason why the Conflict To Harmony Revolution Coaching Program was created.

The Power behind this self paced online program is that it incorporates all of the teaching methods required for skill development in this one program.

As you can clearly see, the Conflict to Harmony Revolution Coaching Program touches on each one of the methods of learning retention and this is how you take action to Be-Better and Do-Better on this FAST TRACK to success.

In order to move from Confrontation to Reconciliation you need to move yourself and the other person through three zones at the right pace. If you try to move too quickly, three things can happen:

  1. The discussion spirals up into a full blown conflict (anger and yelling) or;
  2. The discussion spirals down into the abyss of avoidance, silence and hurt or;
  3. Any agreements you come to can easily fall apart

Imagine having the clarity and confidence in knowing which zone each of you are in during this difficult discussion and knowing exactly what you need to do to help both of you move through these zones all the while ensuring your interests are being met and self respect is intact.

  1. How one often overlooked emotion is a Conflict Driver
  2. Five ways we ‘go wrong’ during conflict (and what you can do to stop yourself in your tracks)
  3. How to recover from conflict blunders
  4. Three key questions that can completely change your perspective
  5. Four natural forces that move people towards Harmony
  6. Conflict and Quantum Physics connection
  7. Why we self destruct during conflict
  8. Make your conflict weaknesses your new found strength
  9. The conflict cycle and how to get off of it
  10. Create understanding and lasting agreements that fulfill each of your needs/wants & desires
The Conflict to Harmony Revolution is a self-paced on-line coaching program with tons of resources and tools at your disposal. You also have the ability to share and connect with like-minded Harmony Revolutionists who are going through the same journey of learning and discovery.

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I am going to cut to the chase and tell you straight up…

Every time you react to conflict with fear, doubt, anger & confusion you are damaging yourself and your relationships because you have lost one critical component needed in any relationship especially during a difficult conversation… RESPECT

Respect for Yourself

Respect for the Other Person

Respect for the Conversation

It is important to understand that everyone in a difficult discussion will have very different ideas of what RESPECT means to them. It is for this reason we all need to learn to dig deeper during conflict to figure it all out.

Your success is important to me because you will be part of the Harmony Revolution to change not only yours’ but other people’s lives one conversation at a time which is the reason why the Conflict To Harmony Revolution Coaching Program was created.

I’m Brenda Hooper

The Conflict to Harmony Revolution online coaching program is a result of 15 years of helping clients resolve conflict with Mediation and Dispute Resolution Coaching.

I am nationally certified as a Chartered Mediator and Comprehensive Family Mediator as well as Internationally certified as a Trainer & Coach.

Having worked with hundred’s of clients,this program combines my years of training with the wonderful experience I have had working with individuals, couples, families and organizations.


Is this program for all types of conflict? +

That’s one of the biggest benefits of the Conflict to Harmony Revolution; it helps you to manage conflict with other people whether they are members of your family, co-workers   or a complete stranger.

Is there any type of conflict this program won’t work for? +

Conflict is natural and normal since it is our signal that something isn’t synching up with us. However, conflict that causes a person to feel that their personal safety is being threatened (physical or emotional) is NOT “normal” conflict.  If you feel at any time your safety is being threatened then please get help for yourself immediately. Contact your local authorities and/or seek professional counselling.

** Please note that the Conflict To Harmony Revolution Coaching Program is NOT a therapy program.

Is the Conflict To Harmony Revolution hard to follow? +

Not at all.  Once you have registered for the core program, you will be given a link to allow you to create your own username and password and then you can go through the program at your own pace.  Each module has a video you watch, coaching questions to answer and material you can download onto your own computer.

How long does the program take to complete? +

That really is up to you.  There are a total of eight modules and it is recommended to allocate one to two hours a week to go through the modules and then integrate the learning into your week.

How soon can I expect to see results? +

The Conflict To Harmony Revolution isn’t a quick-fix “instant Peace on Earth” program. You have spent years developing your triggers and reactions to conflict but with patience and practice you will start seeing results.  That is why we have included all the other tools and resources into this program such as live webinars, e-newsletters and group support. The more you access these tools and take advantage of what is available to you, the sooner you will see results.

That being said, within the first week you will start to analyze conflict much differently and before you know it, you will be giving yourself a big pat on the back as you start connecting your new methods of managing conflict.

What if I decide to discontinue the program? +

I would certainly be sorry to see you leave since you would miss the amazing webinars/guest appearances,live coaching and special offers throughout the year.

All you need to do is give me a call or send me an email and advise me that you wish to discontinue and my team will make sure this is handled for you before the next instalment.

Money Back Guarantee +

If after the first or second module you decide you do not wish to continue, simply email me to let me know and I will refund your money in full - no questions asked.  However, if you advance to Module 3 the fee of $295.00 is non-refundable.

Then it is time to take action. Register now for the Conflict To Harmony Revolution Coaching Program and gain Courage, Clarity and Confidence in Conflict for just $295.00 or two instalments of $155.00

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